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TRICE rocket campaign 2007

CUTLASS operations plan

CUTLASS operations schedule

EISCAT operations schedule

Launch window: 07-11 UT, Dec 4-16, 2007

The rocketbb12

rocket trajectory

Apogee of both rockets is ~ on the ESR field line.  This is magnetically conjugate to (roughly) Finland beam 9, range gate 33 (1890 km), Iceland beam 6 range gate 40 (2115 km) for the scan mode used in the campaign.  Gates marked every 10th gate in the trajectory plots in the link above.

Summary of launch timeline
T - 03:00 h contact air traffic control etc.
T - 01:30 h contact EISCAT and SuperDARN
T - 00:40 h hold for science
T - 00:06 h hold for science
T - 00:03 h hold for science

Rocketrange webpage:

A lag to first range of 900 km, and a range gate size of 30 km offers good coverage around the trajectory from both the Finland and Iceland radars. We will run a 3 s dwell, with full 16 beam coverage on channel A of both radars (a scan resolution of 48 s), and a reduced scan of beams 5-11 on Finland and 3-9 on Iceland (21 s scan resolution). 

Frequency management will be done manually from Leicester during the launch window.

The sort of thing we'd like to see is shown here, using old data from earlier in the year.  Note the ESR is at range gate 38 in this standard scan, not gate 33 as in the rocket scan mode used for TRICE.
EISCAT mainland modes:

UHF (Norwegian time) and VHF (French time) will be combined, both at low elevation looking
north over Svalbard for convection experiment.  

Campaign personnel contact at Tromso:

Frederic Pitout
Eiscat control room (Tromso): +47-77-692438

EISCAT Svalbard modes:

- 42 m field-aligned dish operating
- 32 m steerable dish operating  pointing at a suitable elevation to intersect the cusp in the trajectory meridian


Campaign personnel contacts at the ESR (also Longyearbyen air traffic control liaison):

Lisa Baddeley office phone +47-79-026485
  mobile  +47-46-969694
Yvonne Rinne
ESR control room: +47-79-021236
Realtime Links


Weather forecasts

        Ny Alesund

The All Sky Camera in Ny Alesund

Longyearbyen optics (Kjell Henriksen Observatory)

SuperDARN realtime

Global convection maps.  Probably better to focus on the more local CUTLASS data below

CUTLASS realtime

 click the realtime button to initiate the java display.  These are fairly cpu intensive, and work best with a time display and map display for each radar, so benefit from a devoted computer.

EISCAT realtime

        rtg plots

latest analysed data

Local magnetometer realtime

ACE realtime


Phone contacts

CUTLASS control room:          +44-116-252-3520
Tim's office: +44-116-252-3564
Eiscat control room (Tromso): +47-77-692438
ESR control room: +47-79-021236
LYR optics: +47-79-021101
Ny Alesund optics: +47-79-027108 (Bjorn Lybekk)
Rocket range switchboard +47 76 14 44 00
Craig Kletzing +47 76 144 515
Aerospace and Dartmouth TM) +47 76 144 438
GSFC and UI TM +47 76 144 474
NASA Mission Manager: Ted Gass, in control room
+47 76 144 427
Craig Kletzing  
Jøran Idar Moen
Robert Pfaff
Scott R. Bounds
Per Even Sandolt
Mark Lester
Steve Milan
Bjorn Lybekk
Yvonne Rinne
Espen Trondsen
Fred Sigernes
Tim Yeoman
Yasunobu Ogawa
Satonori Nozawa 
Jean Lilensten
Mathieu Barthelemy
Roland Thissen
Guillaume Gronoff
Frederic Pitout
Ian McCrea
Lisa Baddeley
Kjellmar Oksavik
Anasuya Aruliah

Campaign data
campaign data will appear here

CUTLASS summary plots (created next day)

CUTLASS detailed plots
we just don't care about 08/09 Dec any more...

EISCAT summary plots

EISCAT detailed plots

we just don't care about 08/09 Dec any more...  

Campaign diary

  Launch scrubbed due to late arrival of equipment.  Practicing at rocket range and CUTLASS.
Some nice auroral observations, cutlass backscatter and features in the ESR data, which had the 32 m dish pointing north at low elevation, where the action was.  Conditions mostly IMF northward with sunward flow bursts seen by CUTLASS, and mostly a little too far north.  So some nice ground data collected, although not quite what TRICE was looking for.  Receiver and other problems up on Svalbard prevented a launch until too late in the window.
  Again some decent data in optics and radar, but mostly north of Svalbard, and the IMF northward or close to zero.  Mostly too windy at Andoya for launch.
  Decent ground-based data.  Even a brief interval of IMF Bz south, which produced classical reconnection signatures in CUTLASS.  Too brief and too high latitudes for TRICE, however, which had high wind issues again.
Both yesterday and today we were out all day for winds. It is the same situation we have been having with tailwind that was too strong and would have required an elevation angle setting below what is allowed for our vehicles. The science was also not very interesting on either day. It was almost exclusively northward or at zero IMF Bz with very weak PMAF activity that was north of Svalbard.
Tomorrow the winds are supposed to shift and solar rotation should start to bring us a more active solar wind (based
on the last Carrington cycle), so we are hopeful our conditions will improve.
No launch today. However, the winds have improved and we were in for launch for most of today's window.
We had some activity to the north of our trjectory, but the IMF did not cooprate and we never got Bz negative during the window. Solar wind speed was up and should continue to increase over the next few days, so we remain hopeful that we will launch very soon.
The TRICE rockets launched today at 0900:00 UT and 0902:00 UT. We had excellent science conditions for measurements in the Earth's cusp with a southward turning of the IMF a few minutes before launch that appears to have then turned northward for  the last
piece of the flight. Both payload appear to have worked well and both trajectories were within about
2 sigma of expected performance. We have good data from the CUTLASS radar, all-sky cameras in Ny Alesund, and EISCAT.  
launch photo (high flyer)        launch2    launch3


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