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SCIFER-2 rocket campaign 2008

CUTLASS operations plan

CUTLASS operations schedule

EISCAT operations schedule

Launch window: 06-11 UT, Jan. 2-12, 05-10 UT, Jan. 13-20, 2008

The rocketbb12

rocket trajectory

Apogee of  rocket is ~ on the ESR field line.  This is magnetically conjugate to (roughly) Finland beam 9, range gate 33 (1890 km), Iceland beam 6 range gate 40 (2115 km) for the scan mode used in the campaign.  Gates marked every 10th gate in the trajectory plots in the link above.

Summary of launch timeline
T - 03:00 h contact air traffic control etc.
T - 01:30 h contact EISCAT and SuperDARN
T - 00:40 h hold for science
T - 00:06 h hold for science
T - 00:03 h hold for science

Rocketrange webpage:

A lag to first range of 900 km, and a range gate size of 30 km offers good coverage around the trajectory from both the Finland and Iceland radars. We will run a 3 s dwell, with full 16 beam coverage on channel A of both radars (a scan resolution of 48 s), and a reduced scan of beams 5-11 on Finland and 3-9 on Iceland (21 s scan resolution). 

Frequency management will be done manually from Leicester during the launch window.

The sort of thing we'd like to see is shown here, using old data from earlier in the year.  Note the ESR is at range gate 38 in this standard scan, not gate 33 as in the rocket scan mode used for SCIFER.
Realtime Links


Weather forecasts

        Ny Alesund

The All Sky Camera in Ny Alesund

Longyearbyen optics (Kjell Henriksen Observatory)

SuperDARN realtime

Global convection maps.  Probably better to focus on the more local CUTLASS data below

CUTLASS realtime

 click the realtime button to initiate the java display.  These are fairly cpu intensive, and work best with a time display and map display for each radar, so benefit from a devoted computer.

EISCAT realtime

        rtg plots

latest analysed data

Local magnetometer realtime

ACE realtime


Phone contacts

CUTLASS control room:         +44-116-252-3520
Tim's office: +44-116-252-3564
Eiscat control room (Tromso): +47-77-692438
ESR control room: +47-79-021236
LYR optics: +47-79-021101
Ny Alesund optics: +47-79-027108 (Bjorn Lybekk)
Rocket range switchboard +47 76 14 44 00
Backup Science Center at UNIS,
Longyearbyen  +47-79-026448
KHO Auroral Observatory  +47-79-026470 or 71
Paul Kintner
Jøran Idar Moen
Robert Pfaff
Per Even Sandolt
Mark Lester
Steve Milan
Bjorn Lybekk
Yvonne Rinne
Espen Trondsen
Fred Sigernes
Tim Yeoman
Ian McCrea
Lisa Baddeley
Kjellmar Oksavik
Anasuya Aruliah

Campaign data
campaign data will appear here

CUTLASS summary plots (created next day)

CUTLASS detailed plots


EISCAT summary plots

EISCAT detailed plots

Campaign diary

 The first hot count was held today  with the window opening at 0600 UT.  High winds at Andenes prevented the launcher from being elevated.  Avalanche danger at Longyearbyen prevented the telemetry tracking crew from reaching their stations.  The window was closed at 0810 UT.
03/01/08 The winds at Andenes were marginally too strong to launch and  the launcher was kept in the horizontal position.  Avalanche danger at Longyearbyen continued through the early morning but starting about 0900 the snow plow began clearing the road and the effort was still underway at 1300.  Some decent data from Finland 0830-1000 UT, although it was far poleward of Svalbard
04/01/08  Everything working just fine, but the solar wind fails to get beyond the light breeze stage.  Some decent CUTLASS data, but again pretty far poleward.


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